CNC Tool Path files for wood legs

I have recently had a couple Club Members ask me for the files I used to create the tool paths for my CNC Cut wooden leg pieces. These pieces are NOT the ones used in my T3x Build… I cut those legs out before I have finished building my CNC Machine.

So, here is the deal… I am not able to freely distribute club-spec drawings, but I will share these files with members with the hope that they will prove useful to someone. The DXF files are based on R2 Builders Club blueprints but are NOT approved by the club, so don’t complain to them if you have trouble.

This is how I used the file…

I used just one DXF file to cut the profiles of all my layers. I built my tool paths one at a time around the profiles as needed for each of the 5 pieces, adding the pockets in the arm pits to the two outer pieces. I built the tool paths using Fusion360, but any CAM Package should allow the use of DXF files.The following image represents the tool paths for each layer. Number three is the only one cutting 18mm (3/4") plywood.

I’ll include the DXF files here, saved in both metric and imperial as I don’t know what software you may be using to build your tool paths (it probably will not matter). There are NO DIMENSIONS saved in the files. These were initially created just for my use and I did not need them. I COULD have added them in easily enough, but that would start getting very close to releasing drawings into the wild without club approval… Because there are no Dimensions, please double check with a set of reliable drawings before you cut up your expensive Baltic Birch! I’d consider a test cut in foam too...

OK, Get them HERE... and go have some fun. (But for the sake of the Jedi... Be Careful!)