R6 Dome Drawings

I was asked recently about releasing Drawings and Files from this project. Although I am modeling most of my parts myself and the drawings are my own creation, they are based in a large part on Specs and Drawings that belong to the R2 Builders Club and I want to be careful about how I share some of this. The R6 dome, however, is my own design. Again, this is certainly built upon info found through the Builders Club, but I also used a number of freely available reference images and I feel that I can release the drawings without any worry.

 And so, below you will find a link to Download a four page pdf with the drawings I used to build my first 3D printed Dome (Dome 2.0). I wont be releasing the model files for this Dome as I intend to modify it a fair bit and will decide then whether I should release or not.

Download Here