GONK Overview

Well, perhaps I’m a glutton for punishment. I have really barely gotten going on R6-T3x and I’m already in the planning stage for a Power Droid. Now, there is So Much reference available for the R-Series droids, yet so little for GONK… but this is not a problem but a bonus for someone like me. I have said before that my favorite part of making is the problem solving and coming up with novel solutions! 

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Guessing at Dimensions

So, I have many images I have collected of the various Power Droids. I still have not found a definitive answer to the question of agreed upon dimensions. Here’s the thing, I know for the Original Trilogy, and a New Hope in particular, the Power Droid was just cobbled together using what was on hand. I think it is generally agreed that they used some sort of Storage Containers. Also, the various PDs seen in the films are often different from the last. I feel that I have some freedom in coming up with dimensions that work for me.

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Dimensions - Starting at Zero

I have gathered some of my reference photos that show the Power Droid from “head” to toe, and I have been trying to get a feel for the Scale of the body. I know that this is not an exact science, the way I have chosen to do this part, but I think it will serve my purposes… I am simply taking selected images and scaling them so that the Droid in the picture stands 1.1 Meter Tall (as I determined in an earlier post) then measured various other dimensions in the image to try to come to some kind of consensus by averaging what I find.

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