GONK Overview

Well, perhaps I’m a glutton for punishment. I have really barely gotten going on R6-T3x and I’m already in the planning stage for a Power Droid. Now, there is So Much reference available for the R-Series droids, yet so little for GONK… but this is not a problem but a bonus for someone like me. I have said before that my favorite part of making is the problem solving and coming up with novel solutions! 

Wait… What?  

If you are unsure what a Power Droid is… well… These awesome little guys are found all over the Star Wars Universe. There are at least three distinct models in cannon; Veril Line Systems EG-6 and S9 Series, plus the Industrial Automaton GNK Series. Of these three types, there are numerous varieties seen (seven or more in A New Hope alone). They are seen in various colors and with different markings and attachments. The Power Droid is basically a walking Fusion Generator and they are used to supply power where ever it is needed. For example they are often seen on flight decks plugged into waiting fighters. The Power Droids are somewhat autonomous, walking from assignment to assignment. They have various Sensors, Indicators and Audible Notifications including the recognizable “GONK” tone which is responsible for the Droid’s nickname.  

OK, so I have been researching these things for a while, and I was surprised to find that there are really no definitive plans or even dimensions. This is Great! I get to figure it out on my own! This project can be a quick and easy, or long and drawn out as I’d like (which way do you think I’ll go?). My first instinct was to build the body out of plywood or MDF and fill-sand-paint to finish. As I thought more about it I decided I wanted to build with the hopes that I MAY be able to have him take a few steps! Yup… a walking GONK! This means that I’ll need to build the body as light weight as I can… so probably not MDF. I am tossing around the idea of building with wood, then molding it for a Composite Shell! I’ll likely build it as a Static Prop for the first iteration, with the hopes of having it walk in the future. 

First things first, though. I need Drawings. I’ll continue to pore over all the reference photos I can find, then begin my drawings.