Just pick a number, already

OK, so after pouring over my less than scientific findings from my scaling exercise, I think I have what amounts to a consensus of sorts. First, I want to reiterate that I KNOW this is not at all precision work, and I also know that many GONKs have been built with less thought into this kinda stuff, but I’ll be building from scratch and I just need to feel that I have done my best to be close to the screen used Droids.

There is a common belief that the Star Wars production team simply used whatever totes/bins that they found locally to create the Gonk Body, and perhaps someone knows the actual make and model of these things. I have not been able to find this info myself though, and so I continue down this path.

I’ve taken the numbers I found in my earlier mission and had a good look at them. First I removed the GNK that we see in Rogue One as it is the image I trust the least. That leaves me with four Screen Droids plus the Vigil Drawing. I averaged out the numbers I found, rounding up or down by gut feeling. Then I sketched a GNK to these new proportions and adjusted the width to be closer to what we see in the Troy Vigil Drawings. These are the numbers I’m going to move ahead with!

Droid Height Width Length
Vigil 819 413 670
Sandcrawler 828 365 -
Lars’ 823 - 530
Rogue One 770 - -
Hot Feet 820 385 600
NotTheGonk 820 345 530
Average 820 380 [400] 585 [650]

Bold indicates the numbers I’m moving forward with.

My next move is to get this new info modeled up in CAD and see how it really looks in 3D. Look for some tests in upcoming posts.