Ankle Brackets

Once I got my Beefy Ankles mounted and sanded to a nice smooth finish, I then primed the legs again and moved on to the Ankle Brackets.

I’m cutting my Ankle Bracket out of 0.125” Aluminum. It really would have been a natural for me to draw these up in CAD and send them to my CNC, but honestly, my bandsaw makes such quick work of this stuff, and I was already in the Lab and didn’t feel like heading to my office. (I made extensive use of my CNC aluminum cutting abilities later on)

I laid out the Brackets by hand and scribed directly onto the Aluminum then cut them out on the saw, leaving the back open so I could slip them onto the legs. I’ll fill in the missing back piece later. Once the Brackets were cut out I simply had to hit the edges with a file, buff them gently and slip them on.