Beefy Ankles

I had the rough form of the R6-T3x body on my bench, with a Skirt attached and a place-holder dome sitting on top… time to re-visit the legs. So, going back to where I left off, I had the legs assembled and drilled for attachment to the body. I next wanted to get the Ankles Beefy. I began by modeling the Beefies in Fusion. I had decided that they would be attached to the Legs with Glue and Screws so I added counter-sunk screw holes to the model. These were then printed in ABS with a .20mm Layer Height and medium infill.

 Both of the printed parts had a small imperfection at the top. When the first one finished I thought that there was an issue with the last bit of filaments on the roll (I was very near the end of this roll, and it had been out a while). But, when the second part showed a failure at the same point with a new roll of filament I figured out there is something wrong with my model or the way it was sliced. Either way, the pieced will work; I simply cleaned out the imperfection and filled it with glass reinforced bodyfiller. I had plenty of filling and sanding coming, so this was not going to ruin my day.

I roughed the surface of the Birch Ankles where the Beefies would attach, then smeared on some Gorilla Glue and wet the Birch with a little water. The ABS Beefies were positioned and screwed to the Birch with #6 wood screws.

 After Rasping the Glass-Filled polyester that I used to repair the tops of the Beefies, I applied a generous smear of light Bodyfiller, followed by some glazing putty, and sanded to a nice smooth finish.