Center Ankle

With all my talk earlier about the Legs, I neglected to mention the Center Ankle, which I built at the same time and, basically, the same way. Really nothing ground breaking here, just another Birch Ankle. The ankle is attached to a piece of ½” Birch ply with screws and lags (shown in these pictures with temporary Spruce). This Birch plate is then bolted thru the bottom of my Body Cylinder and attaches to my simple Frame, which in turn ties all three legs together keeping them rigid. This frame, which I’ll discuss here later was a concession that I made while I was experimenting with my Frameless Body Design. I was closing in on this frameless body, but got impatient and wanted to get going on this droid before I had perfected my leg attachments. In the end I wound up using a simple frame after all.

I attached the Beefies the same way I did on the Legs above and finished them similarly. I swapped the plywood mounting plate and attached the Ankle to my Frame.