R6-T3x Backstory

I enjoy having a back-story. At this time, R6-T3x is referred to as "it" because I don't yet know for certain if it has Masculine or Feminine traits. This post will be updated semi-regularly as I learn more about R6-T3x.

R6-T3x is a tough little R6 Astromech. The R6 Series from IA was considered to be the company’s biggest triumph since releasing the R2 decades earlier. Rugged and Quick with the most advanced CPU to date, it was promptly adopted by Military as well as the General Consumer. 6-T3x is an ex- Imperial Military Droid, currently aligned with the New Republic. Just to be clear, this is not a Captured Imperial Droid that has been re-programmed to work with the Alliance… for all intents and purposes 6-t3x Chose to align itself with the Alliance!

  • R6-T3x was an early-release model purchased by the First Galactic Empire as part of a bulk contract of 30000 units.
  • Part of an initial run of units with limited Mechanical Tools & Attachments, but upgraded CPU.
  • Delivered to Imperial garrison on Kuat in 3 ABY.
  • When The Inflictor was ready to sail from Kuat Drive Yards, 6-T3x had its programming tweaked with updated AI and a bump in Loyalty before being assigned to the Inflictor to serve as Special Assistant to Commander Brisney (Imperial Security Bureau).
  • As part of 6-T3x’s duties, it was fed vast amounts of Data relating to Battles, Strategies and Political information surrounding the years of the Rise of the Galactic Empire, up to and including the Battle at Endor.
  • 6-T3x was tasked with aggregating this information and analyzing it for use by the remaining Imperial Command as they tried to survive the years following the Emperor's death.


  • The un tested AI “Tweaks” 6-T3x received on Kuat included functions that built upon an ability that Industrial Automaton Droids were known for; the capacity to reason and learn!
  • With Learning algorithms running in the background, 6-T3x analyzed all the History Files available to it and after adjusting for Imperial Bias may have actually Learned to dis-trust the Empire of its own volition…


  • 6-T3x may have left The Inflictor on its own accord (Loyalty Tweak makes this unlikely), or may have been sent away by Brisney for some reason.
  • 6-T3x May have left the Inflictor with the New Republic Boarding Party shortly before the Inflictor crashed onto Jakku.
  • 6-T3x may have crashed onto Jakku with the Ship.